Indoor LED

Egy Led indoor series is suitable for a variety of indoor installations, with  aluminum die-cast Cabinet that enable easy and seamless screen building.


Clear Vision,
Great Decision

A life of infinite colors
It's not just an image, it's a passion
Egy Led LED display is your imagination panel

Front Services

Front or Rear Serviceability, The product offers either front access or rear access, allowing customers to choose according to their installation environment 

Depth Color

Detailed Expression of Color Depth, 16-bit color processing provides a higher greyscale level, thereby giving a more realistic and sophisticated content

High Refresh Rate

A high refresh rate of 3,840Hz ensures smooth playback. Flicker-free images prevent the black bars that appear in video recordings

Uniform Picture Quality

Every step from production is strictly managed, while factory calibration ensures consistent quality between the LED units. The display provides seamless content with 97  brightness uniformity.

97% Color Uniformity

Lightweight and Slim Design

Each unit case weight start from 5.5 kg , with a depth start from 60 mm. This makes the screens easy to install, Reduce space consumption during installation